What is Thelei Code Generator?

Thelei is a code generator which generates files from database and templates written in script. It supports database plugins, and it's very easy to write a new database plugin.

Support Database Clients:

  • MySQL
  • Ado(Windows)

Support Script Engines (will support more script engine soon):

  • Javascript


  • Generate a single file
  • Generate all files in a folder
  • Generate all files in the project 
  • Generate multiple folders/files for multiple tables
  • Save selected folders/files to working set in batch generate
  • Include other template in script
  • Include other script file in script
  • Support Prototype 1.6 (core features which does not associated with UI)
  • Support script in file name
  • Support preview the output for current template
  • Support javascript library
  • Support template library
  • Support Live update


The latest version is 1.1.20081228 released on 2008-12-28. Download Here or you can go to the download area

View Change Logs here.

Last Updated on Monday, 26 January 2009 09:00