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Use folder to group files/folders, and generate files in one destinate folder


The following properties can be setted for a folder:

  • Display Name
  • Path Information:
    1. Folder Path
      In which place to create this folder
    2. Destination Path
      In which place to create the generated folder
  • Overwrite target: actions when the target folder exists
    1. No Action & Generate files
      Default. generate files in this folder
    2. Clear this folder
      Clear the folder before generate file
    3. Skip this folder
      Skip this folder and don't generate any file in this folder
  • Skip this folder: Skip this folder or not when generate project files and generate a parent folder.
    1. No
      Default. generate files in this folder
    2. Yes
      Skip this folder when generate project files or generate a parent folder.


Generate All Files In A Folder

Use the following steps to generate all files/folders for a folder, this will skip file(folder) which has setted 'Skip this folder'/'Skip this template' to Yes

  1. Select the folder you want to generate
  2. Select menu: Template/Generate current file/folder
Last Updated on Monday, 26 January 2009 09:00