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1. added javascript function include() to include other js file
2. added javascript prototype 1.6 support
3. added support to get information for any table in script by db.getTable(tableName)

1. added context menu on project tree
2. added function list dialog
3. added live update

1. Added UTF8 support when get database information
2. Get column comment for sql server using ado

1. Added JsParser Project to parse comment for js functions
2. BUG-FIX: click batch generate icon with a new project
3. BUG-FIX: click save workset in batch generation window when no workset selected
4. Changed about dialog use html window to show information
*. Added Unit Test for main features

1. Added multiple checkbox selection in batch generation mode.
2. support native language in file or folder name
3. Added prompt to save the current template when generate file/project/batch
4. Added sys_tables variable, so user can use sys_tables to get all available tables.
5. Fixed a few bugs.

1. Added Ado db plugin in windows
2. Added Working set support(like eclipse's working set, user can save/load working set in batch generate mode)
3. Added build file for vc6 in windows(to support ado client)
4. Fixed a few bugs

1. Added batch code generation, so user can select multiple tables and folders/templates to generate file
2. Added code highlight, folder for code
3. Fixed a few bugs

The initial version released

Project started

Last Updated on Monday, 26 January 2009 09:00